Instructions - 4 week free trial!

Please follow the below instructions to begin copy trading our signal.

  1. Click the "View Signal" button below.

  2. On the next page click the green "Follow Signal" button.

  3. Complete the sign-up box and check your email for the verification link.

  4. Log in to your account and click the green "Follow Signal" button again.

  5. Click the "configuration" icon in your account and add your trading account. (can use demo account if you wish)

  6. Click the "trade copier" icon and select "ON" for copier mode. Here you can also make other adjustments.

Our trades will now be copied on your trading account in real-time instantly. The copier works on the server-side so whether your MT4 is closed or your computer shut down our trades will continue to be copied over to your trading account.

You have a 4-week free trial. Enjoy and watch your account grow.

If you need any help contact -